Tuesday, March 11, 2008

General: Update for March 14th

The incoming updates for us this week have been posted. Here's a breakdown:

- White Day lobbies [PSUv1]
- Bruce's Dungeon S [Even though C-A are PSUv1, S is AotI exclusive]
- Moatoob Guardians Branch party formation mission
- New weapons and items
- New clothes and parts
- New EX PM models
* GH461 (need 40 battle stat)
* GH465 (need 50 battle stat)
- Casino item rotation
- New room items
- Level cap increase from 120 to 130 [PSUv1]

The level cap increase comes from JP's Dec 20 update (one of the few updates during MAG that wasn't MAG related). Alot of their Jan 31 update is added. The PMs are from their Feb 14 update. It would seem as if they're getting more creative with our updates again. I'm also a bit surprised that they didn't up the type levels to 20. It's the last part of one of their major updates from Jan that we didn't get yet. I can almost expect it to be soon enough though.

Update: The EN page has been updated and here's a quote from chillaura:

The Party Mission Support Room will make it easier to group up before party missions as you will be able to group up in the staging area before starting the mission. There is also a NPC who can tell you the time requirements for the party mission ranks and an item vendor in the support room.
He also mentions later on that the balance updates are scheduled to be released on April 11th.

Update: chillaura mentions that a content release delay is possible for PC/PS2. Link below.

Update: Linked below is the announcement that the PC/PS2 content is in fact delayed. Holiday stuff is still a possibility, but we have to wait and see.

Update: The White Day content is not posted for PC/PS2. However, according to chillaura, GBR will last on those servers until midnight tonight.

Update: The mission standby areas will apparently display fastest mission clear times of players inside the room. This area also features other very interesting aspects.

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