Thursday, March 27, 2008

MAG: Arriving April 25th and Some Update Info

Sonic Team has just announced MAG for the EN servers! Prepare for a bunch more PSO content coming in late April. Hit the link for the short backstory and a bit of preview info. If you want to find out more, check some of JP's updates from around Dec/Jan. Also remember that you'll need AotI to play.

To quote chillaura on the updates until then:

The game play changes have been pushed back to 4/25, although we are scheduled for our second title update (Since AOTI) for 4/18.

Since there is a relatively light schedule for the next 3 weeks Ill share it now. As we get closer to 4/25 there will be more information about that update.

HSM S is scheduled for 4/4
No Update for 4/11
Patch(PC/PS2) and Title Update (Xbox360) for 4/18
Big update 4/25

We are still waiting for detailed patch notes for 4/18. This is not a rebalancing update, just fixes to the game client.

Sounds pretty good. It looks like the balance patch has been pushed back a bit, but perhaps at least maybe they have more time to make other corrections. As always, I'll keep mentioning other updates as we go along.

Update: Changed tag to MAG. (Hey that rhymes!)

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