Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Community: Three Weeks

I haven't really done too much of this, but I'm going to start putting in a bit of commentary. After all what kind of blog have I been running with all this completely objective information?

Around three weeks from now, I think we're going we're going to hit another high point on PSU. For one, Sega has recently been focusing on extending their community aspects. The new blog, facebook, chillaura's inquiries to the PSU population, and a number of other things have all contributed to a seemingly more open path of communication between the company and its fans. According to chillaura, there are even more things coming in the near future to help out with this initiative.

Specifically on our side of things, some fairly significant things are going on. At the end of this month, EN PSOBB will have its servers closed. This will most likely free up those resources and any last focus to be used for PSU. At the very least it will no longer be a cost to them. PSU's PC and PS2 versions will at some point in the near future be on the receiving end of a new billing system which will hopefully be more open in terms of payment methods and have less bugs than the current one. The end of this month also marks the end of the fiscal year for Sega. I believe that it is because of some of these things that Maximum Attack G has been pushed to April. It really should have been in March, however chillaura is promising that it will be the best supported event they'll have had yet. Currently, we are of course taking a variety of JP's newer updates to keep us busy until then.

Also remember certain recent events. They've been quick to act, ban, and rollback. February wasn't quite the greatest month in terms of content distribution, however they did what they could to get things out as soon as possible to whatever server it may have been on. There has been an incredible improvement to how they have handled things recently compared to in the past.

However, there is still cause to be a bit worried. I've been sensing recently that there has been a bit of a drop in activity. It could be a variety of factors relating to the game being at a rather easy point right now or perhaps people are just tired of still being at level 120. This is why I started that poll recently wondering about how the word has been getting around about the game and how effective it's been. It's been getting some wonderful feedback and I sense that it's been doing what I had intended it to. Other posts have been starting to pop up with concerns about where things are going in a similar fashion. It's a discussion that we need to keep open if we want to try and progress ourselves. At the moment, Sega can only do so much for PSU. On the other hand, there is still a lot that the community is capable of and I don't think they've realized it yet. I think if Sega is willing to put some more energy into it, the best way we can thank them for it is by doing the same.

Soon enough I'm going to talk about the poll, what I wanted it to do, and what it's results have been. Then I'll probably start acting on a few more ideas I have. Just remember to remain positive!

Word of Mouth Poll

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