Friday, February 15, 2008

Xbox 360: Title Update Notes

EspioKaos has been kind enough to translate the patch notes for the title update we got this morning:

Game is Ver.2.0001.2 now (Click the left stick on the title screen to see it) (S-T-H's Note)

Maintenance notes

* The GUARDIANS Boost Road (Moatoob Drop Boost) has begun officially. (This event was mistakenly released on February 8th and any points acquired between then and February 15th's update will be reset.)
* Meseta drop calculations were adjusted so that only players in the field would have an effect on it.
* NPCs exclusive to Ambition of the Illuminus appeared as a default character to those who played only the original PSU. This has been changed so that the displayed character is the blue model shown when a character model is loading.
* You will be given an "unable to login" message when attempting to connect to the game servers if you have not received the title update.
* The initial value of the fee to play the Photon Gacha has been changed from 1 Meseta to 99,999,999 Meseta.
* The conditional shop search has been updated so that the default sort setting is "Price" as opposed to "None."

Forest of Illusion C-S has been added (Official note added 2/16 3:10 AM PST) (S-T-H's Note)

* The rare free mission "Forest of Illusion" was released for Moatoob.
* This mission is not selectable from one specific counter. It has a chance of appearing at any mission counter on Moatoob.
* This rare free mission has a chance of appearing after the completion of any mission with a trial (free mission, party mission, etc.). Repeatedly going in and out of a mission counter will not make it appear.
* Abandoning a rare free mission after completing it will not allow you to replay the mission.
* We deeply apologize for neglecting to mention the above information earlier.

Bug fixes

* Lock-ups caused by going in and out of certain mission counters have been fixed.
* The Photon Gacha message is now completely displayed. (S-T-H Note: This didn't affect JP players)
* With the above bug fix, Photon Gachas are once again functional.
* When using a memory unit to play on another console, there was a bug with the message "Do you want to play Ambition of the Illuminus?" that was displayed.
* A bug that only displayed part of the information on Illuminus-exclusive items in a player shop viewed by a non-Illuminus player was corrected.
* EXP values from defeating an enemy displayed improperly to players of the original PSU who had reached the level cap. This has been corrected. (Update)
* When PSU players viewed mission data for an Illuminus-exclusive mission at a mission counter, the image displayed in the upper-right of the screen has been changed to only display the GUARDIANS logo instead of the map graphic that is displayed for those playing the expansion. (Update)
* The bug causing certain AotI decorations' effects to not display properly has been corrected.
* A bug that allowed players other than the room owner to set the alarm of the Modern Clock has been resolved.
* A bug which caused Mother Brain to speak in Japanese to players who were not playing the Japanese version has been corrected.
* There was a bug which caused status effects to not display properly when inflicted with one while in first-person mode. This has been rectified.
* The bug causing Casino Voloyal's fanfare to be heard in the Granigs Mine lobby has been fixed.

In other news, it seems as if the machine gun exploit has been somewhat taken care of. At the very least PP will drain properly from the gun, making using the glitch pretty much useless. Also, players are reporting that the well known robot slowdown issue (which is assumed to be a memory leak) still exists. However, there are others that say that it doesn't. I'm going to look into this further. In addition, it doesn't seem that chatpad (messenger kit) functionality has been patched in yet.

Unfortunately, I can't check at the moment if there have been additional undocumented changes. I'll be sure to post about anything I find when the time comes.

As a bit of a bonus note, Forest of Illusion has in fact been added to the 360 side. This means that everyone happens to be caught up as of this morning. The update confusion is cleared up for now.

Update: Missing items added to the list.

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