Friday, February 1, 2008

Xbox 360: Title Update and Content Update Delayed

Due to a bug, the title update that was meant to go up this morning has been delayed. This update unfortunately was needed for the content update that was also supposed to go up.

As a result, the Winter Event as well as 3 star photon fortune will continue until this matter is resolved. However, they claim to be working as fast as possible to get everything handled with MS.

In reponse to the expected disappointment of some players, a few of the admins responded further.

Here's eggshen:

"The issue resides within the title update. This is not something we are even 100% in control of as it has to go through MS as well and any fixes must be seen through on their end before anything can go live. So just keeping the servers down and staring at code is not a solution to the issue at hand unfortunately.

All the content will be delivered as promised as soon as the title update can be resolved, tested, approved and released."
Here's chillaura:

"First of all both the North American and Japanese testers checked the Title Update thoroughly over the last month on partnernet. The issues appeared only when it was put on Xbox live. This is the way online content is tested for the Xbox 360. The problem is both technical and political and we do not have the power to force MS to change their bureaucracy.

We have been told by Sonic Team that they have pushed MS to get the delayed Title Update approved for next weeks maintenance. When I get an updated schedule I will let you know if you will also be getting the Valentines content, as we want to get caught up to our schedule as soon as possible."
The mentioned content already has details available which I will be posting soon. They were actually available before the most recent update went up, but I figured to wait until this one was out before posting it. It looks like ideally it will be combined with the current delayed update for next week.

Update: Clumsyorchid also weighs in on the situation in the thread, but this post is already getting a bit long as it is, so check it out in the link.

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