Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Japan: PC/PS2 Update for February 28th

This one is pretty significant as it starts off Mission Carnival. Here's the short list:

- Valentine's / MC lobbies (Feb 28th to Mar 13th) [PSUv1]
- MC will be held from Feb 28th to Apr 3rd
* Puzzle mission C-S (Feb 28th to Apr 3rd) [One player can clear, but 3 or more recommended]
* Bonus mission (Feb 28th to March 13th and March 27th to Apr 3rd) [Survival/Endurance mission]
* Exchange mission (Feb 28th to Apr 3rd) [Standard reward redemption counter]
* Party formation mission (Feb 28th to Apr 3rd) [Usual area for making parties]
- New clothes and parts
- New room items
- Mt. Ohtoku box additions
- Implementation of the recently announced balance adjustments [PSUv1 mostly]

Update: Another page has gone up detailing some system changes.

Update: Now that the MC is running, the Dengeki page has been updated. CHILLAX!

They mention more of the event rewards, including the premiere of the Holy Ray from PSO.

Update: I don't believe I've done this much, but I've linked the recently posted defect notice. Sometimes ST will list problems that are added/still present after uploading content so that players can be aware of certain issues and look forward to fixes.

Update: The server update page has added a note about triggers on the PS2 and PC versions.

Update: A post has been added about an emergency maintenance. This is to fix the mentioned defects.

Update: The emergency maintenance is finished and the corrections have been made.

JP Update Page
JP Server Update Page
JP Defect Notification
JP Emergency Maintenance
JP Emergency Maintenance End
Dengeki Page
Balance Adjustments

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