Thursday, February 14, 2008

Japan: PC/PS2 Update for December 13th

This is one of the two major posts that I meant to make, but for some reason hadn't gotten around to. This one in particular is about 2 months old now, but I of course need it for completion. I also modified some information in some other older posts. I expect that the official announcement for Maximum Attack G should be soon for EN players, so the timing isn't all that bad. Sorry for neglecting it. Here's the bulletpoints:

- Maximum Attack G C-S (Guardians Colony 5th Floor)
* Event runs from Dec 13th through Jan 10th and features a 2.5 times experience multiplier
* The aim was 100 million kills, however JP received prizes up to 400 million
* This event features excerpts of maps from the first version of PSO
- Event item exchange missions for trading in earned weapons badges (Guardians Colony 5th Floor)
* One is a lottery where you can exchange a gold badge for a chance at a number of items
* The other is a shop to simply exchange gold badges for items (similar to prior events)
- MAG/PS20th posters in the lobbies (Dec 13th through Dec 20th) [PSUv1]
- Christmas lobbies (Dec 13th through Dec 27th) [PSUv1]
- New weapons and armor
- New clothes and parts (HUmar, HUnewearl, RAcast, and HUcaseal PSO outfits are pictured)
- New My Room items
- Casino rotation
- Meseta drop calculations only include those inside the mission [PSUv1]
- Technique PAs have their casting times adjusted (specific info at EN update link) [PSUv1]
- RA techniques level 31 and over target 4 enemies instead of 3 [PSUv1]
- Performance of Rods adjusted (techniques boosted 20%) [PSUv1]
- Vol brothers drops adjusted/changed [PSUv1]

We should now have all of the system changes that are mentioned, most of them went out around when JP got them. Screenshots of MAG as well as more specific information about prizes and such can be found at the links below. My personal prediction is that we'll see MAG during March on the EN side.

I really wish I would have left a placeholder for this post. You might even see this one replace a nonessential post somewhere relevant in Dec. I may also shove it in with the Dec 6th or 20th update, so if it disappears that's where it'll be.

Update: RAmar and FOnewearl outfits were also available at the start of MAG.

Update: Pictures have been posted by the GMs. I've added a link directly to it, but it's on the MAG page.

JP Update Page
Official JP MAG Page
GM Event Report
EN Update Page for Dec 11th
4Gamer MAG Screenshots and Info
Kamica's MAG Thread at PSOW

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