Sunday, February 3, 2008

General: Update for February 8th

A few days ago, Sega posted the details for the update planned for this coming Friday. I thought I would wait to post it until after the most current update. Unfortunately, the 360 servers have not received the most current update yet (for reasons mentioned earlier). However, they hope to have the 360 servers caught up with this update as they plan to release both sets of content. Here's a breakdown:

- Guardians Boost Road (System Defense, Desert Terror, Tunnel Recapture, Caves of Ice, Awoken Serpent)
- Valentine's Lobby (Holiday Rappies will be in effect with special drops)
- Caves of Ice S2 [AotI]
- Awoken Serpent S2 [AotI]
- Forest of Illusion C to S (Rare Moatoob mission resembling PSO's Forest) [AotI]
- Casino outfits available for female characters [AotI]
- New My Room items in the variety shop as well as another Casino rotation [AotI]
- PM EX devices (more evolution items) [AotI]
- NanoTrancer EX item (expand your PM's inventory by 50) [AotI]

It seems that we are skipping Parum's GBR (at least for now) and heading straight for Moatoob. JP is actually right in the middle of this same event. It was not said how long ours would last, but JP's lasts for a month and a half. More information can be found on the update page. A notice in JP mentioned the PSUv1 missions will give 2x the MP. The last two missions are AotI exclusive.

This release covers the rest of JP's Nov 22nd content update. Then it manages to pick up some significant content from their Jan 17th update. In fact, the only major part of this update we'd be missing is the type level cap increase from 15 to 20. Oddly enough, I don't see any additions from the three JP updates between these two.

Depending on if there is an update for JP this week, we'll be 5 or 6 updates behind. This isn't too bad however, as they've been getting weekly updates for the past month. Some of these are small though and may even end up being combined for us.

Update: Forest of Illusion has been delayed on both servers until the February 22nd content update.

Update: Maximum EX device usage confirmed to be 500 slots.

Update: The one item is called Nanotranser X inside the game.

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