Tuesday, February 26, 2008

General: Update for February 29th

Here's what we'll be getting for this Friday:

- Episode 3 Chapter 3 (Located at GC 5th Floor)
- The Black Nest C-S (Located at GC Dallgun Viewing Plaza)
- A new midpoint lobby (After the new mission)
- More items at The Collector (Located on Parum in West Holtes City)
- Items include PM food items as well as more relocation tickets (list is currently in blue at PSUP)

This seems to be the combination of JP's Dec 6th and Jan 24th updates and all seem to be AotI.

Update: It seems JP is getting the balance updates this week. It's possible they could still tag them on this week or perhaps next week for us. In the past, we've seen similar updates very quickly (same week on occasion). The only issue is whether or not a patch is required. Usually they'll apply some of these kinds of changes to the offline mode as well (in which case they'll need one).

EN Update Page
JP 360 Update Page
The Black Nest Info at PSUP
The Collector Info at PSUP

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