Thursday, February 14, 2008

General: Update for February 15th

I've already integrated many of the changes that have been confirmed into the update tracking post, but this is a simple recap. There isn't much that is 'new', mostly just catch up on both sides.


- Title Update (applies to original PSU as well)
- GBR points will reset and it will work as intended (applies partially to original PSU)
- Caves of Ice S2
- Awoken Serpent S2
- New My Room items (perhaps the entire item update wasn't added last time)
- New Mt. Ohtoku box items
- PM EX devices
- NanoTrancer EX item
- Forest of Illusion will be out on Feb 22nd (as originally intended)
- Maintenance is planned to be an hour longer than usual


- Casino outfits available for female characters
- New My Room items in the variety shop as well as another Casino rotation
- PM EX devices
- NanoTrancer EX item

GBR will last until March 13th. This bulletpoints for PC/PS2 haven't appeared on the official site yet, however it was mentioned that they would be caught up this week and those are the missing items. For more details on certain items, check the prior posts I've made for the Feb 1st and Feb 8th updates.

This should clean up the majority of JP's Nov 22nd and Jan 17th updates. At this point, I think we should be going back to start picking up their Dec updates.

Update: The one item is called Nanotranser X inside the game.

Update Tracking
360 Update News Item
JP 360 Update Page
JP 360 Maintenance Extension

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