Friday, February 1, 2008

General: Support Situation in a Nutshell

Soon I should just make a chillaura section. Regardless, he's been very vocal recently about things.

"First of all I want to say again we only targeted players who duplicated more then a few grinders (no I won't say the threshold you are allowed to cheat by) but if you are absolutely sure we made a mistake in your case or if you know you are guilty and want to plead for mercy use the support contact form and we will follow up when we can.

Second there are still a number of victims of the photon gacha scam, and the razor/nobody hacking spree, that are waiting for Sonic Team to resolve their issues. This stunt really did screw over their chances to have their issues looked at this week. Don't expect us to put your issue ahead of theirs anymore. Other customer support requests may also deserve our attention more than yours.

Anyone making a new account for honest play, or who already had a second account on their Xbox, we will not go after you preemptively but if you are reported for any offense we can always link you back to your old account so be on your best behavior. This is not official but just a statement of fact that as long as you are not causing more trouble we have other things we would like to do to help the community then try to stop you from logging in to PSU.

For now please wait for a final response next week. While everyone at SEGA agrees this needs a strong response, we are still thinking over what else we can do to resolve this without wasting developer and support time that should go to the honest players."
There you have it. They have lots of things to take care of and they're trying to organize priorities. I hope that the recently activated SoA blog will result in more communication from his end like this. I also hope that this situation will blow over quickly so I can get back to focusing on the more positive sides of the game and community.

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