Saturday, February 9, 2008

General: Note About Appealing a Ban

The mega thread (that capped out at 41 pages) about the grinder exploit has finally been locked again. But not before chillaura could make this comment:

"We are trying to keep up with an ever changing update schedule, billing system issues, and can not ignore other cheating and harassment issues.

Getting more details on your individual cheat activities and grinder disposal methods will take some developer time, and we want them fixing bugs and staying on schedule. The two-months-delayed gacha victim compensation and one-month-delayed "my room" hacking compensation are also priorities and waiting for Sonic Team to resolve.

If you still want us to work on your appeals please give us some time to get everything else in order. We have already brought in more staff to get this accomplished."
I thought that perhaps the earlier post I made gave the impression that they weren't accepting any more appeals from users that thought their ban was unjust. The whole thing is that they just have a lot to handle at the moment, so you shouldn't expect them to get to it right away.

I still hope they can figure out a good way of tossing out the excess grinders.

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