Monday, February 4, 2008

General: Last Grinder Glitch Bannings Update

chillaura writes:

"Grinder Duplication Exploit Final Update:

We have decided to keep the 281 bans we announced last week permanent. To clear up any confusion about your account and billing status these will be reported to Microsoft, but SEGA is not asking them to do anything else with the information.

After more thought and deliberation we unfortunately had to base our final decision on the need to put our resources and time to help other users and solve other problems. While a permanent ban for one time offenders is harsh, we can not give you all equal and fair appeals based on what you did with the items you duplicated or previous problems.

Please be aware that there is little other then account banning that we can use to police this game, especially on the Xbox 360 where players can not be identified by or contacted by SEGA. We are painfully aware of our own limitations in this matter, but still feel that a mass banning of item duplicators will be better for the game at this point then doing nothing. We have not given up on this game and have a lot of work ahead of us to keep the improvements coming."
This is apparently the decision that was announced for Monday.

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Anonymous said...

this may sound very stupid, and i know it is....can you ban me 4 life from psu online....which is an easier way to cancel the subscription rather than going through the hassle of calling xbox support?