Sunday, February 10, 2008

Comic: (#1) Newman Knights

(Comic taken down for the time being)

Alright, I'm not really launching anything here, this is just a test of a couple things. I was considering having some more pictures around relevant to the posts other than a straight up strip or anything. This is sort of a first attempt at seeing how well I could do the text boxes in MSPaint as well as how well I could preserve some content through format changes. This particular format is based off the character interactions on some of Sonic Team's pages about GM events and user friendly FAQs. The characters come from the most recent JP Fansite Kit (about a week old, I didn't post about it yet). You may recognize them from the recent JP RSS I just put on the side. I actually saw some really well done fan made SD characters recently, both of these are linked below.

So of course this is relevant to the Newman Knights event that happened about a week ago. The characters Karen (dressed as the divine maiden - refer to Episode 1) and Maya came around to various lobbies to hand out some gifts. GMs were also present and gave out some interesting information on what to expect in the near future. However, as with similar past events, the population happened to get quite excited and all but suffocated said characters.

Things I'm currently not promising to come out of this:

- consistency
- frequency
- lulz
- #2

JP Fansite Kit (It's the big orange button)
illintent's SD Characters
Official Newman Knights Discussion Thread
Human Maya

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