Friday, January 18, 2008

Other: PSOBB Update

From Clumsyorchid:

Experience bonus: 4x
Droprate bonus: 3x
Death Penalty: Removed

Droprate and Experience changes will only apply to QUEST content. It will
not apply to any Non-quest content. This is just how the game was coded to take
advantage of these multipliers.
Yea...I would definately say that this is probably enough to well please any player with reasonable expectations. I've already been playing with many of my old friends and teammates, so I'm hoping that some of you that have been on edge about coming back to visit will.

Remember, the servers will be free to anyone with an account until they are shutdown (March 31st).

Update: Clumsyorchid has posted saying that holiday rappy appearances are in the works.

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