Thursday, January 17, 2008

Japan: PC/PS2 Update for January 17th

Today's update has just gone up and is rather large. While it's true that most of the details went up a couple days ago, there is also a post release update notification. Because of it's size, this one required more time.

Maximum Attack G Event Rewards (also apply to normal PSU, Jan 17-31):

- 3 star photon fortune
- +20% to synthesis rates for weapons and armor
- Free Lumilass makeovers
- Half price clothes and parts
- +10% chance of success to grinding

MAG Participation Gifts (pick up before Feb 29th from common box):

- Rappy Tip
- NiGHTS Statue
- Sange

MAG Time Attack Gifts (pick up before Feb 29th from common box):

- Gold Medal (medals seem to be for various players in the top 100)
- Silver Medal
- Bronze Medal
- Spread Needle / G (for players in the top 500)

MAG Lottery Gifts (physical items sent out to random players):

- Net Cash Credit (100 winners)
- Various PSO Statuettes (20 winners and 36 types)
- PS20th Anniversary Notepads (220 winners)
- Eco Bag (120 winners)
- Pete Cushion (5 winners)

The other two prizes for the event were the Ruins area for MAG as well as a Dark Falz boss area (reminiscent of PSU's De Rol Le).

Guardian's Boost Road (Jan 17 - Feb 28):

- Certain AotI missions will now be a part of GBR
- Location this time is Moatoob (specifically the path to Casino Voloyal)
- System Defense
- Desert Terror
- Tunnel Recapture
- Caves of Ice [AotI]
- Awoken Serpent [AotI]
- GM event announced for Jan 24th through the 31st (works similar to past GM mission events)

Normal Updates:

- New 'rare' mission (will appear at random at any Moatoob mission counter, resembles PSO Forest) [AotI]
- S2 rank option for the missions Caves of Ice and Awoken Serpent [AotI]
- Tunnel Recapture is rebalanced (featured in a prior EN update)
- New weapons and armor [AotI]
- Casino rotation involving parts, clothes, room items, jukebox disks (Casino outfits are pictured) [AotI]
- Type levels upped from 15 to 20
- The priestess on Mt. Ohtoku features new lines [AotI]
- Drop adjustments made to original PSU missions to match up with AotI missions
- AotI rates are also adjusted
- Adjustments to the board drops of monsters
- Materials found in containers on high level missions will have their drop rates adjusted
- Original PSU missions featured in GBR will give double the mission points

Post Release Patch Notes:

- Update to version 2.0004.3
- Graphical effect bug due to frame skip corrected (specifically the sun in a midpoint lobby)
- Updates to a pricing issue in clothes and parts NPC shops
- Updates to machine gun firing (this could be another attempt to fix any last glitches)
- A future fix will be available for the Windows version to take care of some My Room graphic glitches

While we'll of course have to wait for the content updates, I would assume that a patch will be incoming soon for EN PC/PS2. I would also expect that 360 players will have to wait a bit longer for MS to certify it when it does arrive.

JP Update Page
JP Patch Page

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