Friday, January 25, 2008

Japan: More Phantasy Star 20th Anniversary Merchandise

Sega Direct will be offering some new items for fans in the next few months.

First off is Sega Ages Volume 32 (Phantasy Star Complete Collection) for the PS2. This includes all four main games as well as the eight PSII text adventure spinoffs. Features such as more save slots and faster movement are available. I expect that the normal types of extras will be available as well. Sega has been doing pretty well padding out their extras sections in this series (especially with the classic versions of the games).

Next up is a soundtrack to the original games. It is mentioned that a remastering has been done to further enhance the quality of the songs. It seems that it will be a full four disks.

The next three items were featured in the recent Maximum Attack G event as prizes. There is a poster, an Eco-bag, and a notepad all designated to represent the 20th anniversary.

A mention of a t-shirt is made, but unfortunely the design is not available for viewing yet.

Most of these items will be available by the end of March.

Update: Picture removed. Sega Direct is currently gone indefinately.

PS 20th Goods
Sega Direct PS 20th Goods Page


EspioKaos said...

I'm pretty excited about the soundtrack coming out. One thing that I'm concerned about, however, is availability. See, SEGAdirect will be ceasing sales operations on March 31, so I kind of get the feeling that getting a copy of this will be pretty difficult, especially with it coming out so close to that date. And the sites I usually buy these CDs from have already stopped stocking SEGAdirect products due to the impending close. >_<

S-T-H said...

Oh right, I entirely forgot about Sega Direct closing, I remember hearing about that.

I guess I'll see if I can find a way, because I do want to get ahold of the OST as well (and perhaps some other random stuff).

Anonymous said...

If you want the soundtrack, the best way to ensure you'll get a copy is to use a proxy service.

Depending on which one you use, you may end up paying up to $20 in fees (not including shipping).