Friday, January 25, 2008

Japan: Looking Towards the Future 2

Today JP has updated their planned content list through June. Here is a breakdown of what is listed.


- 10th, 17th, and 24th already posted
[probably all next week:]
- Episode 3 Chapter 4
- S Rank Bruce's Dungeon (Moatoob Guardians Branch)
- Party formation mission (Moatoob)
- New items
- New clothes and parts
- Casino rotation


- Episode 3 Chapter 5
- New field with a new free mission
- S Rank Her Secret Mission (Neudaiz Guardians Branch)
- New Parum party mission
- Additional party formation mission
- Valentine's Day lobbies put up
- New PM devices
- New items
- New clothes and parts
- Casino rotation
- Photon Art rebalancing (ones that are quite slow in leveling will become faster)


- Mission Carnival Event (previously known as the Dengeki cup, Hoverboard races appear)
- Level cap raised to 140
- PA cap raised to 50
- Fighmaster added
- Master Gunner added
- Masterforce added
- White Day and Easter lobbies put up

April, May, June:

- More Episode 3 chapters distributed
- Event involved with impending story ending
- Level cap raised to 150
- New field with a new free mission
- New items
- New GBR
- S2 Ranks for AotI free missions
- Parum Unification, Sonic's Birthday, Wedding, and Cherry Blossom lobbies put up
- New PM devices

As said before, Sonic Team warns that the schedule may change and to continue expecting smaller updates during the weekly maintenance periods. They also mention to continue looking out for GM events, as well as balance and system updates.

I would want to think they forgot to mention a story mission for March (which would be the 6th). The next three months would be 7, 8, and 9. If it's 10 chapters like Episode 2, this would match up with the story based event happening near the end of the chart. GBR will probably end up being Neudaiz (as the last two were Parum and Moatoob). With the PSO type missions, we'll have to wait and see what kinds of missions they will fall under.

As for the PA rebalancing, the EN servers can probably expect this around when the JP ones get it.

JP Future Content Release Estimates 2

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