Wednesday, January 30, 2008

General: Update on Grinder Exploit Bannings and Patch

chillaura writes:

"We are waiting for Sonic Team to give us a list of all cheaters. We have been told by Sonic Team to "ban them eternally" and they may request a Xbox Live ban from Microsoft. While there may be a small amount of leeway for users who might have tested the glitch once and not sold any duplicated grinders I don't know if there is a more clear way we can state that this cheat will get your account banned."
While there have been a few mentions about the glitch possibly working on the PC/PS2 servers, the effects have mostly been seen immediately and to a noticeable degree on 360. This post is aimed pretty much at them.

If you have had your account suspended, it doesn't necessarily mean that your Live account will be banned. As it was said in an earlier post, they took some precautionary measures by giving a 48 hour timeout to those suspected of abusing it.

He also writes:
"We have been working on this issue for a few weeks and have been told that the title update tomorrow night will fix it. There will also be a patch for PC/PS2. You can understand why we tried to keep this quiet until it was fixed, but this is not a new issue."
It would seem that it is included in the incoming patch as well. It's possible that one of the exploiters posted the method when he saw that the exploit might be patched soon. That or maybe he had just been banned recently and wanted to take revenge.

More on Live suspensions:
"SEGA does not have a two strike system. For better or worse we deal with each incident on a case by case basis unless you have been warned that any further incidents will result in a permanent ban.

As we have told players many times before, Microsofts Xbox Live privacy policy interferes with our ability to effectively send warnings to the Xbox players and we will sometimes suspend players without warning just to get their attention."
For those not in the know, Sonic Team can't really just call up or email these users on Live. It's just a security method for MS as well as a difference in the way that billing works. In some cases they probably figure that if they suspend a user that they will contact Sega to see what's up.

There has not been further mention about how Sonic Team plans to handle this situation. There are many of us still hoping for a rollback, although it's possible that they have something else effective in mind. However, I still cannot think of a simpler way to counteract the mess.

Update: In the announcement thread mentioned in an earlier post, chillaura has announced that they have banned more users on 360 as well as a few on PC/PS2. It would seem that the exploit is not 360 specific.

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