Tuesday, January 8, 2008

General: Update for January 11th

Here's a short breakdown of the stuff going up on Friday:

- 3 star photon fortune from Jan 11th to Feb 1st to make up for the rollback on Dec 14th
- Winter event starts
- Drop rates up 250%, exp rates up 200%-350%, more rare enemies, double boss boxes with event missions
- First event mission available Jan 11th through Jan 17th and Jan 25th through Jan 31st
- This mission is accessed from the Guardian's Colony 5th floor and apparently features dual bosses
- Winter lobbies added
- New clothes and parts [AotI]
- New room goods for the variety shop [AotI]
- Casino updated (some items added, some temporarily removed) [AotI]
- Maximum level cap raised to 120
- Tunnel Recapture C-S2 rebalanced
- Additional cube for transferring Universes will be added to the Casino [AotI]
- Vision Phone added to My Room shop counter

It seems that this update is based mostly off of JP's November 8th update, just without the addition of the next story mission. The Winter Event mirrors the Thanks Festa that JP had for their 1st anniversary. The last few bulletpoints are being made in the JP update for this week (Jan 10th).

PSUP has a bit of information for the Winter Event as it was already run in JP as the Thanks Festa. I'll be on the lookout for any good guides I can find and link them like I did during the 1UP Cup on the side.

EN Update Page
JP 360 Update Page
PSUP Winter Event Page
PSUP First Event Mission Page

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