Tuesday, January 29, 2008

General: Update for February 1st

There will in fact be a content update for this week. Here's a short breakdown:

- Episode 3 Chapter 2 [AotI]
- Parum item exchange mission
- New clothes and parts (color variations) [AotI]
- New Mt. Ohtoku box items [AotI]
- Meseta update (only given to users inside the actual mission)
- PSUv1 missions updated with same droprates as AotI ones
- Drop changes to some AotI enemies
- Rare materials from containers more common in missions with level 125+ enemies
- Xbox 360 title update (earlier thread)

This update picks up the missing story mission from JP's Nov 8th update as well as adds some more of the Nov 22nd update. The non content game changes are a collection of various updates that have hit the JP server from then up until recently.

EN Update Page
Discussion Thread
JP 360 Update Page

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