Tuesday, January 29, 2008

General: Response to Grinder Exploit

chillaura has made a post regarding how Sonic Team has been dealing with the recent appearance of the grinder exploit as well as its use leading up to its public release.

Personally, I find that a rollback should be done, even if it were to the last maintenance period. A couple of days 'lost' is more than worth recovering the economy and any other negative traits it's brought to the servers. It's the simplest and most effective solution.

Update: Another post has been made in the same announcement about more 360 bannings as well as a few PC/PS2 bannings.

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John Sucks said...

Sega are just a bunch of money grabbing tightwads anyhow, don't they realise that by banning these people they're gonna' lose the money they crave so badly, and these corrupt GM's who hardly do any work will have even less to do.

Sega claim that the £5.99 a month is to cover the work they do, (yeah, right), apart from it's obvious to anyone that AOTI is just a patch for the game to make it play more like PSO, and is an insult if you're an XB360 player, PSU has a mere 500,000 players, Guild Wars has 13 million, and that game has way more content, and doesn't cost a penny, who are these Scottish/Jewish hybrids trying to trick?

S-T-H said...

Even counting JP, I don't think the combined PSU population is near half a million. Hence, we can't really expect to see that level of support.

Besides, Guild Wars is set up on a different pricing model. They gouge users for expansion after expansion at full price to get their pay.

Making PSU more like PSO was more in the 'free' patches around when the expansion came out rather than the expansion itself. That's for adding content to the game which we're still receiving. I'll give you that some of the content is remade from PSO, but that's merely to please the people that wanted to see more of PSO in the game.

Banning the users that did wrong just makes the people that weren't banned happier. It also shows that Sega really does care about what goes on in the game. Besides, some of those people got the message and have returned under alternate accounts anyway just because they like the game so much. Sega has even said they will review accounts and unban users if they didn't do a great deal of harm.

It's true that in the past we've seen less than stellar support, but assuredly they've really improved recently in both numbers and openness about what they are doing. The biggest problems are that often Microsoft or Sega of Japan will get in the way of their progress. Especially previously, the English team was very limited on what they could say or do.

Anonymous said...

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