Saturday, December 1, 2007

Xbox 360: Update

Microsoft has made a small update to their PSU page. Links are available directly to the game forums as well as a page on the new AotI content. Doesn't seem like they lowered the listed retail price of the game though (which seems to be $30 right now). It also seems as if there may not be a complete downloadable manual. I suppose we'll have to see if one is posted in the future. There is still a chance it may appear on Sega's site too.

The major thing that hasn't been added is the achievements to the list (the one that appears in your profile). This is probably a clue as to why they aren't added to the total gamerscore correctly. Once they appear here, I'm sure they'll be working correctly. It would probably be best to deliver these concerns to Microsoft and not Sega.

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