Monday, December 31, 2007

Xbox 360: Live Coming Back Up and Gifting MS Points

Live has been having some issues for the past couple of days, but it seems that MS is trying to make sure they have the problem taken care of. As of a few hours ago, it seems that many people that were having problems have had them fixed.

Apparently, they claim to have most of the staff working on the issues (holidays or no). According to various employees, they did not expect such a large influx of users for the holiday season. Both subscribers and simultaneous online users are way up.

Also, it would seem that this issue affected several of MS's integrated services (such as the Zune stuff, etc.).

Major Nelson's site is getting quite a bit of traffic, but if you can manage to get through he is updating progress via his twitter on the left side bar. It would seem that they are not only fixing issues, but making improvements as well.

As an aside, it is now possible to gift MS points to another account. I really should have mentioned this before the holidays...

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