Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Xbox 360: Fall Dashboard Update

The fall dashboard update has just arrived and it's a huge one! In the link below, you'll find a pretty comprehensive list, but here's some big ones:

Lots of changes to the dashboard
Download original Xbox games (ie yet another way to buy Psychonauts)
Play Divx movies (5.0 and above) and .avi files
Other video playback enhancements
Some more iPod support
Big performance enhancements and new transitions
User bios
See friends of friends (can still block users from seeing your friends)
Family timer
Power light syncs with opening animation (alright: not big, but still sorta cool)
Messaging with the chatpad works inside of games (unfortunately still no direct PSU support as a keyboard)
Added text for "in-game voice" complaint option (this is somewhat different than the prior ones)

The achievements for AotI have still not be added to xbox.com, but the expansion is one of only four game items as part of the new Spotlight section (also as a Featured Game in the new Games Library). It should get a lot of attention there.

Also of note:

New Live Arcade Platinum line (cheaper prices basically)
They added some more free themes and picture packs for original Xbox titles
Recent BC update adding 83 games (lots of sports and licensed, but also a couple gems)
Video Marketplace coming Dec. 11 for some European countries and Canada
Free content only available to silver users after the first week (like the new Bioshock abilities)

Anyway, just look around. There's loads of neat things they added. Inside Xbox seems like a pretty cool new feature as well.

Edit: I've noticed original xbox games are now viewable on a user's game list. It has a default icon and they don't do it on the site yet, so it might be work in progress. This is probably due to the new availability of downloadable versions.

Detailed Change Log
Video Playback FAQ
BC Update
Notice for Silver Members

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