Thursday, December 6, 2007

Other: Reminder for PSOBB

Just a reminder that PlaySEGA is said to no longer offer PSOBB subscriptions after today. If you wish to play before January 9th and don't have a subscription currently active, you'll have to do it now. Those that have a subscription that ends between Dec. 9th and then will still be able to play until that date.

After January 9th, anyone that has had a subscription in the past will be able to play for free until the servers close on March 31st. It's unconfirmed if people that only had 'beta' accounts will be able to play during the free time, but current speculation is saying no. If you are one of these people, $9 US is not a bad price to make sure you can put in some time over the next 4 months. Once again, they are planning increased droprates and experience during the free period. I think it'll be a pretty good send off. By that time we should have a good deal of the remade maps and costumes from PSO in PSU, so it won't be all bad. Otherwise, the JP servers haven't yet been announced to be closing and still seem to be doing alright. The Xbox servers for PSO are estimated to be closing sometime in the near future too, which will put an end to every version outside of PSOBBJP.


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