Friday, December 14, 2007

Other: NiGHTS Preorder Bonus

I'm going to take a minute here and mention something relatively relevant. As some of you well know, Sonic Team is finally (after 11 years) releasing a new NiGHTS game (Journey of Dreams) for the Wii on Tuesday (at least in the US). A few days ago, I got the linked email about a preorder bonus that isn't being offered online at EB Games and Gamestop.

I went in and picked it up today. Basically the DVD has a seven and a half minute video going over a bit of the history of NiGHTS as well as behind the scenes stuff about production on the new one. Not as cool as a tshirt or plush (or Christmas NiGHTS 2), but it was a nice surprise to see them put something out.

Anyway, I thought I would mention this since it didn't seem anyone else wanted to. Neither the NiGHTS site or Sega's site mentions it at all. Gamestop probably didn't put it on their page since it's only an instore offer.

I linked a picture of Japan's preorder gift. I would have put it above, but then it would probably just be confusing and disappointing. Yes, I'm a bit let down too.

Newsblast Email
Official Site
Japan's Freebie


EspioKaos said...

I picked mine up a few days ago, too. I would've preferred a mini-soundtrack (actually, that's what I thought it was when I got that e-mail from SEGA), but I was still pleased with the DVD.

S-T-H said...

Oh PSU. That would have been nice considering.