Wednesday, December 19, 2007

General: Update for December 20th

We're getting an update this week and surprisingly it's not just progress on the Photon Gacha machine issue. By the way, just as a small reminder, this issue should be patched for PC/PS2 and it will be turned off for Xbox 360 users after this maintenance. To clarify, you can use your own for storage, but not be able to set the machine for other people to try their luck. For PC/PS2 this week (and for Xbox 360 at a future date), the machine will display pricing to other users.

Here's a short breakdown:

- New Year's lobby from January 1st to 11th
- A new party mission with the boss Mother Brain (the last non-secret 360 achievement) [AotI]
- New fragment PA skills at Moatoob's exchange mission [AotI]
- New weapons, armor, etc. [AotI]
- New room goods at the Variety Shop [AotI]
- New Casino room goods and music disks (some will disappear, but return later) [AotI]

I think that there may be portions of JP's November 8th and 22nd updates in here, but I can't really tell as some major things aren't listed. I guess we'll see what's up soon enough. It's so much easier when they're the same... Anyway, we should be around three updates behind at this point (about a month and a half).

EN Update Page
JP 360 Update Page
New Fragment PA Skill Information

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