Saturday, December 1, 2007

Podcast: PSU Community Podcast XIV

I neglected to put up this episode in all of the excitement recently. It appears we might be skipping episode 13 after all. Also, I have put all of the podcasts under a new 'Community' section. I may or may not decide to just put them in a 'Podcast' section since the events will probably still be under their respective server category.

EspioKaos, DecoBryl, and Momonpso all return as guest hosts for this episode. This one covers a lot of material that has to do with AotI and was released the same night that the pre-expansion patch was for PC/PS2 (Nov. 15).

There was a mistake in this one. The 1UP rewards did not start after that maintenance, they started after this past one (Nov. 29th).

Podcast at Switchpod (also available at iTunes)
Discussion Thread

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