Friday, November 2, 2007

Japan: Update for November 1st

I know I'm late about this. I saw it, but alot has happened in terms of news over at JP's site and I've been fairly busy. There are more details about GBR that I may elaborate on later, but you can get the general gist of it. Anyway, alot of the stuff out of JP has been bugs being found and fixed. It happens far too often to be concerned with as many of these will most likely be fixed before the English release. I will continue to at least come up with the content updates and any interesting event announcements/information though. There are actually a few going on, but they aren't much more than the usual GM events. Perhaps I'll metion a few of them in the future. Regardless, this is the actual post as it should have appeared a few days ago:

Lyrise over at PSOW has posted a thread regarding the new Guardians' Boost Road mechanics. This is something that was mentioned in JP's extended content preview posting.

These monthly modifiers will feature things such as boosted drop rates, experience, and mission points. The rate at which the relevant boost is at can be raised by being in a larger party as well as running the mission more.

November's GBR is on Parum and affects the following missions: Mad Creatures, Plains Overlord, Mad Beasts, Endrum Base, and Denes Relics. The boost affects drop rates. These rates will last from November 1st to the 29th.

Update: Endrum Base should be called Endrum Remnants and Denes Relics should be called The Dual Sentinel.

Lyrise's Thread
JP Update Page

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