Sunday, November 25, 2007

Japan: PC/PS2 Updates for September 27th and October 11th

These are the first two AotI content updates. Three (October 25th), four (November 8th), and five (November 22nd) I've posted already. I'm filling these in so we have a good reference to go off of for ours (for example we should have a similar update to Oct. 11th for our next one and so on).

September 27th:

This is essentially what was open when AotI came out in JP and is what we pretty much got ourselves on release. However, JP players also got a bonus Soniti shadoog as a gift.

October 11th:

- Episode 3 Chapter 1
- Two new fields for Neudaiz
- New Neudaiz free mission
- New Neudaiz outpost
- New Neudaiz party mission
- New Neudaiz midway lobby with photon fortune lottery
- Questionnaire for JP players with a drawing for an in game item (11111 prizes to be had)
- New weapons
- New clothes, parts
- New room items
- New items for the Casino
- Photon fortune table adjustment
- The partner character Lumia appears as a basic blue model to PSUv1 players

JP Update for Sept. 27th
JP Update for Oct. 11th

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