Sunday, November 25, 2007

Japan: PC/PS2 Updates for November 22nd

It's time for me to get back into the flow of things. I'll start with this recent update from JP.

- For 2 weeks (Nov. 22nd through Dec. 6th) the JP servers will be receiving +10% synthesis rates as well as 3 star photon fortune to celebrate the servers combining.
- Autumn foliage appears on the Guardians Colony and Neudaiz (also applies to PSUv1)
- Night festival for Moatoob lobby (also applies to PSUv1)
- New AMF field
- New party mission with the new Mother Brain boss
- New item exchange mission from the Koltova Juice stand in Holtes City West (also applies to PSUv1)
- New weapons, armor, units
- New clothes, parts
- New room goods
- Casino item rotation (items will often be replaced, but come back at a later date)
- EX PM models (battle stat required)
* EX GH41x (10)
* EX GH42x (15)
* EX GH43x (20)
* EX GH44x (25)
* EX GH45x (30)
* EX GH470 (10) (boy type)
* EX GH480 (30) (butler type)
- Nanotransformer EX devices added that can extend your storage slots 50 a piece (maxes at 500)
- More 'Move Room' reform tickets added
- Donation box updated
- Slicer and slicer PA performance drop
- Wartecher S rank capability additions (Twin Claws and Knuckles)
- Better fortune easier to obtain at the lottery counter
- Meseta drop adjustments made to PSUv1

JP Update Page

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