Friday, November 23, 2007

AotI: The Rest of the Story

*This will continue to be updated. There are several random things to mention and probably more to discover.*

AotI is out and it would seem that there is a bit more (and a bit less) than we thought there would be. While things are in either category, they could possibly relate to both.


While the JP release saw voice acting during prior text only scenes, the EN release does not. There is however voice acting during the couple of CG cutscenes that were added as well as at least one other not quite CG, but not quite in game scene. The mouths will still move and there are still new expressions though during the non voice acted scenes.

There have been reports that PS2 users are hearing some new in game voices (for example during an SUV/Nanoblast activation). PC users are for some reason not hearing these.


While we are not on the receiving end of the PC/PS2 exclusive cutscenes and voice acting (for which I can count either the length in minutes or number of on one hand), there are some interesting additions. The AotI opening will now precede playing an Episode 2 story mission and the mouths of the characters move as well as have new expressions. It would seem to still be an updated version, just missing the couple of CG segments (and assumedly that one other scene mentioned prior). What is odd about this is the fact that several CG scenes for the Episode 3 storyline still accompany the expansion download. Enough that it seems to me to clearly outsize and outnumber the ones added to Episode 2.

Offline, while we don't have new AotI content for it, still was patched. Things like Timed/Counter Attacks, the new grinding system, goggle delay, as well as a host of other new things are present.

The performance of the game has been improved, but a couple of things (including shadow maps) haven't yet been added. I have seen a couple new lens flares though. The sound effects seem to be louder than usual, but they have added some very interesting ones for various enemies. The NPCs also have some new clips.

You can now see alot more information about people. You used to be able to switch between character name, level, and game id. Now you can also switch to see type and its level, gamertag, and user status (looking for group, etc.).

If I am not mistaken, it is possible to load directly into your room and also go directly back to character select on PC/PS2. This isn't possible (at least yet) on 360. Note: If you 'Join Session In Progress' to a friend, it will start you in your room. Before, you would end up going to that person's room the first time you tried going to yours.

There are now 250 more achievement points possible for PSU (3 achievements viewable and 2 secret). As far as we know, only the De Ro Le one is possible now. However, it is broken. While it will display as received and is recorded in pretty much every menu, the points will not be added to your gamerscore or to PSU on your list. Oddly enough though, it will display the correct PSU score in the screen before you decide to boot up PSU.

Microsoft hasn't started hosting the AotI manual for 360 as far as I know. No real new info has been posted on outside of it being out on the marketplace. still does not recognize the new achievements that were added to the game. This might actually be a clue as to why they aren't registering.

A lot of people are having trouble viewing the Recently Visited Rooms list without crashing. I would avoid this for now.

While browsing through the files present for the expansion, I've found the missing event music (that had only apparently been in the PC/PS2 versions before). So we should be alright in the future. If you're wondering, yes I did find some other things...but alot of them are possible spoilers.

It seems that they fixed the shop system to be able to search JP shops as well. At least it works on the conditional search.

Some older room decorations will not animate with the newer AotI rooms. A good example is the Cursed Pumpkin.

The Casino considers a day to be from 4 PM PST to 4 PM PST the next day. When you receive your 100 bronze coins for the day, you will have to wait until after this time to get more.


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