Tuesday, November 13, 2007

General: English Change Log and Updates for November 16th and 20th

The English PSU page now has the official notes for the pre-expansion patch coming to PSU. It also happens to contain information on the content available to expansion buyers from the start. Some other recent patches that Japan has received have been rolled up into this one, so there is actually more in there than just the stuff from Japan's initial change log. Content-wise it is the same as JP's 9/27 Update.

The patch will be available on the 16th for PC/PS2 and the 20th for Xbox 360.

Also, as per the 1UP Cup coming to a close, all four of its missions as well as the item trading post will be removed during the maintenance on the 16th. The 1UP Cup advertisements will disappear and so will Hal. However, the Club will remain open and the stage can be accessed. The song heard on the PC/PS2 versions for the Club will also change to something more standard.

EN Update Page
JP Update for September 27th

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