Thursday, November 15, 2007

1UP Cup: Wrap Up

Well it's finally over. This will probably be one of my last posts about it (besides posting about incoming rewards).

List of prizes (all are two weeks long except number 8):

1: 3 star photon fortune
2: Weapon synthesis rates up 5%
3: Clothes and parts 25% off
4: Armor synthesis rates up 5%
5: Clothes and parts 50% off (replaces number 3)
6: Weapon and armor synthesis rates up 10% (replaces numbers 2 and 4)
7: Free makeovers
8: [B] Twin Fluorescent Bulbs (makes Twin Fluorescent Bulb)
9: Weapon and armor synthesis rates up 15% (replaces 6)
10 (not obtained): Weapon and armor synthesis rates up 20% (replaces 9)

Here's the numbers taken after each week during maintenance:

Week 1: 1,119,247
Week 2: 2,124,425
Week 3: 3,012,924
Week 4: 4,212,511

Here's the links I had on the side:

Platinum Cup Homepage
PSU Club Homepage
PSUPedia Guide
Koryu's General Guide
Invisible Road Guide
United Front Guide
Deadly Brilliance Guide
Elements of Unrest Guide

Good job everyone!

1 comment:

Fishboy g5x said...

Great event, and great coverage from PSU Times. Thank you.

I've never raked in the cash or levelled so fast!

Here's to AotI too! ^^