Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Xbox 360: Patch Incoming

Along with the other updates for this week, it's announced that the long awaited 360 patch will finally be arriving in time for the 1up cup.

The following are at least what will be in there:

Changes to how deaths are treated in Missions. A significant change that affects how player death affects mission rankings has been made. During free missions and cooperative missions, player deaths will only affect mission ranks when opting to return to the lobby. Players can be revived mid-mission without affecting overall mission rank.

In high-ranking missions, enemies and bosses will now be a bit slower.

Cheat protection. The XBOX 360 servers have been modified to fix a group of exploits and security holes.

That should about do it until the big 'AotI' patch. This one contains the significant modifications that the PC/PS2 users got about three months ago.

Official Announcement

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