Friday, October 19, 2007

Other: 100th Post Special

It's been a little over two months since I started and I'm glad to say it's still been pretty busy around here.

First off, I want to make a little note about the RSS feed. Most pages link to Atom feeds at the bottom, but I know that RSS is more popular. Usually your browser will have a button that you can click to add a relevant feed (it's orange with like a broadcast signal as a logo) but otherwise all you have to do is add '?alt=rss' to the end of the atom link. For example:


Also, for about a month, I've been using a couple stat trackers (blogpatrol and google analytics) to pull out some interesting data from site visitors. There's a couple of mine in here too, but here's some ones of interest (some quite obvious):

Posts: 100
Comments: 19 (plus if there are any added for this or prior posts)
Average posts per day: 1.54
Most used OS: Windows XP
Most used browser: Firefox
Most used internet connection: Cable
Most visited post: AotI: Change Log
Most activity from a country: US followed by the UK
Most used resolution: 1024x768 followed by 1280x1024
Top referrer: The official forums followed by wikipedia
Top areas for the US: Tennessee (Cordova/Memphis) followed by California (Los Angeles/San Francisco)
Top cities for the US (not counting Cordova): Memphis TN followed by Pittsburgh PA
Top areas for the UK: Basingstoke followed by London closely followed by Nottingham

I can probably provide more if there's any interest. These sites give out some pretty specific details.

Alright, something really wierded me out. Google Analytics is giving me a great deal of activity from Cordova, TN. I'm not sure if some guy that's really into the game is changing his IP alot or what. Memphis (which is next to Cordova) is the next in line, but with a more reasonable number. Pittsburgh is the next highest city. However, Penn State University (PSU) resides there so there may have been some mistaken activity there. Still, I know some people that play PSU that go to PSU so I doubt it's far off. Another neat fact is those guys in Basingstoke match up with New York City. Generally there is not alot of activity from any one area so much as random people from just everywhere. But I like how high the visitor loyalty is. I can see alot of people are visiting fairly often.

I actually have a couple more things to say about Pittsburgh. Before I moved out to college, I used to live fairly close to there. You guys have the best wings in the world. I didn't even have to leave to know that (Sharon specifically, ie Quaker Steak and Lube). Next time I'm there I'll have to take some pictures of all the pro-PSU license plates and memorabilia. Also, there's something there that's a little bit more Sonic Team related. A Sheraton hotel that resembles the one found in Sonic Adventure is located there. You might think it to be quite a coincidence, but then you realize it's in a shopping district next to a river. That district's name? Station Square. I've been there, there are other buildings that resemble ones in the opening/game as well. I actually have this mug with a picture of the hotel that basically says [Sheraton] Station Square Hotel. But I digress...

Here's to hoping we get to 1000. Let's continue on with the news. After this update tonight, there's going to be alot going on for us. 1up cup, AotI, another major event, etc. will be keeping us busy for awhile. Everyone pitch in and help Sega of America power the hype train!


Fishboy G5x said...

Some interesting stats.

I check the site at least once a day, and this has now become my single point of reference for PSU news items.

As discussed in a previous thread, I've even gone so far as to add to the site on my phone-based RSS reader.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again, actually in context to the original post this time(!):

Thanks for such a great website. If things continue as they are, I'll certainy continue to use PSU Times as my single daily source for PSU related news.

All the best from now to post 1000 and beyond! ^^

EspioKaos said...

Hmm, Cordova is somewhat kind of close to where I live and work, but I doubt I could be causing that much traffic! I visit the place regularly, but only a few times a day, at most. XD I wonder what other PSU fans live in my area...?

S-T-H said...

Thanks fishboy.

Yea I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking at then for Cordova. When I compare the numbers to other regions it seems fairly confusing as to what they're trying to tell me. I think it might just attribute to not having a larger sample.

I'm also going to try and find something that's able to track activity over feeds, since it seems really rare that a site can track that.