Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Japan: Updates for October 25th

I know I haven't been reporting on some of Japan's PC/PS2 content updates (even though I usually visit their site daily) and there are several reasons for that. But from now on you shouldn't be surprised to see them. Because I just don't have the time right now (and EspioKaos beat me to the punch), here's his update translation:

Seasonal lobby
- The Halloween lobbies will be up from 10.25.07 until 11.15.07.

New field
- Habirao Forbidden District will be added.

New free missions
- Mushroom Hill
Due to the incredibly high concentrations of photon energy at Habirao, civilians are prohibited from entering the area due to the risk of photon poisoning. However, in order to investigate the photon energy in this area, it is up to you to clear a path through the enemies for a research team.
- Rare, Dancing Bird
Due to the high photon concentrations at Habirao coupled with SEED contamination, a large outbreak of a subspecies of the rare Rappy has occurred. It seems there is one large bird that commands the smaller ones. Take down the huge Rappy!

New mid-point lobby
- Going with Habirao's addition, a new lobby, Habriao Village, will be added.

Partner machine adjustments
- The following partner machines will see some efficiency tweaks and adjustments: GH-413, GH-423, GH-433, GH-443 and GH-453.

New photon arts
- Some new skills will be added to the PA Fragment exchange mission. Two of these include Chuei Jitotsu-shin (twin claws) and Ick Hic (knuckles).

- New weapons and weapon boards will be introduced.

New clothes and CV parts
- New clothing will be added for humans, newmans and beasts, while more color variant CAST parts will be introduced.
- Furthermore, a section of the site mentions the addition of Mt. Ohtoku's "donation box" and then shows a grayed out shot of the Mikumiko clothing set for all female characters, including CASTs. Hmm...

New room goods
- Numerous new room decorations will be added.

New casino prizes
- Many new room goods and jukebox discs will be added to Casino Volyale's Vol Coin trade counter.

Sale of "Fireworks"
- The item "Fireworks" will no longer be sold at NPC shops with this update.

Enemy drop changes
- Certain enemies (including bosses) will see an adjustment in what items they drop.

Remember that Japan has had AotI for about a month now, so most of these updates will be relevant for that. Moving forward, many of the updates that apply to normal PSU will usually be in the form of holiday lobbies and modifications to existing content.

JP Update for October 25th
EspioKaos's Post at PSOW

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