Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Japan: Looking Towards the Future

Today Sonic Team put up a news article describing what they hope to have in terms of updates for the PC/PS2 servers in Japan over the next couple months. They don't break it down specifically (in terms of week to week), but they do give estimates from month to month. EspioKaos gave a translation at PSOW, which I've copied here. Thanks to him for sending me his or I probably would have wasted more time trying to do it again.


- World 1 and World 2 will finally be merged. (Hopefully.) The current ETA of this is mid-November. More details as they come up.
- A new system called Guardians Boost Road (GBR for short) will be implemented. Basically, certain missions are selected by SonicTeam to receive various bonuses upon completion. It's mentioned that November will start things off by increasing the drop rates of items on all Parum missions. Other planned GBR bonuses to be implemented at a later time include boosted EXP and MP values for select missions.
- Chapter 2 of Episode 3 will be released.
- The level cap will be raised to 120.
- New clothes and parts will be released.
- New Casino Volyale trade items will be added.
- New fields and free missions will be added, and as per usual, more new drops.
- The autumn and ancestral festival lobbies will be added.
- There had been mention a while back about Sonic Team starting a tracking website that will show players what missions are currently popular. That site is planned to open during the month of November.
- New partner machines will be added.
- Part of the room move passes will be introduced, which will allow you to move your room to one of the planets.


- Chapter 3 of Episode 3 will be released.
- The level cap will be increased to 130.
- A special event, Maximum Attack G, will begin in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Phantasy Star series.
* This event will introduce the Ragol-themed fields.
* With the new fields will come new drops.
* A poster contest will be held similar to the Thanks Festa competition. Entrants are encouraged to submit drawings based not only on just PSU but also PSO and the original Phantasy Star series of games.
- During the month of December, the PSO-themed clothes and parts will be released.
- The Christmas lobby will be introduced.

January - March of 2008

- One new chapter of Episode 3 will be released each month.
- New party missions will be added.
- Three new battle types will be added. (Fighmaster, Gunmaster and Masterforce, I'm willing to bet. )
- Level cap will be increased to 140.
- New fields, free missions and drops will be added.
- New clothes, parts and Casino Volyale items will be added.
- The New Year, snow, Valentine and White Day lobbies will be seen across these months.
- Even more new partner machines will be added.
- Other move tickets to allow you to move your room to one of the planets will be added.
- The Dengeki Cup (name not final) will begin. Remember that post I made a while back where the staff of Dengeki PlayStation were taking ideas for a big event? Well, this will be just that. So far, no other details have been revealed.
After this Sonic Team reaffirms that the updates will still come in smaller increments and not monthly batches. They also mention that this schedule is subject to change.

JP Future Content Release Estimates
EspioKaos's Post at PSOW

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