Thursday, October 25, 2007

General: Update for October 25th

Sonic Team has posted our update for tonight.

- The 1UP Cup missions Invisible Road (Parum) and United Front (Moatoob) will be removed after this update. However, they will be back during the last week of the event (11/9/2007 – 11/16/2007).

- The 1UP Cup mission Deadly Brilliance (Neudaiz) will be available for 10/26/2007 – 11/2/2007. It will then also reappear the last week of the event. This mission features the floader vehicle previously only seen offline.

- Formal garments will be available at the club trading post.

The 1UP page has a bit more detail, so go there for some short descriptions and photos of the missions.

EN Update Page
1UP Cup Mission Page

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