Friday, October 19, 2007

1UP Cup: 1UP Cup Phantasy Star Universe Club's Club on

You heard that right. If you have an account over at 1up you can join this club for all things relevant to the cup. Right now they have some screenshots from our version of the cup as well as some information about it.

Thanks goes to Clumsyorchid. I was wondering when 1up would have something on it.

1UP Cup Phantasy Star Universe Club's Club on
Clumsyorchid's Announcement

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EspioKaos said...

It took them long enough to actually mention the Platinum Cup on their site;, I mean. You'd think they'd do a little advertising beforehand to kind of get the word out, right? Still, I here the turnout has been pretty good so far. I'm looking forward to joining in the activities when I get home this evening. (And hopefully finally getting my first S-rank!)