Friday, October 12, 2007

AotI: New Screenshots

IGN has put up a few more screenshots of AotI. These are higher res than the others and many are quite clean. Thanks goes to Para from PSOW for this update.

Also, JRT is still uploading some new widescreen pictures and some very interesting items in a thread I mentioned prior. Check it out below.

AotI PC Screenshots on IGN
PSOW Thread on New Pictures
JRT's Screenshots


Fishboy G5x said...


Just a quick comment, not specifically related to this post (in the absense of a 'general comments' facility).

I just wanted to say thanks for this excellent source of information, which I only found recently.

PSU Times provides a quick and easy reference point for all the information I need, and for that I'm very grateful.

Keep up the good work. ^^

S-T-H said...

Thanks a bunch!

I guess you bring up a good point though. If I can find a good way to put in a 'general comments' section I will. It would be nice to have a place for people to leave comments/suggestions in.

Fishboy G5x said...

No problem.

Credit where it's due and all that. ^^

I just didn't want you to think your hard work was unappreciated.

I think lots of people probably look, but don't comment.

This is the only website I've found which is regularly updated, comprehensive, yet simple.

Thanks again. ^^

S-T-H said...

I'll admit it does get a bit lonely sometimes, but I do keep track of site activity and stuff like that so it isn't all bad.

I think for my 100th post I'll go over some interesting facts about visitors and some similar things.

I do heavily appreciate feedback though. This site is the way it is because of some great suggestions.

Fishboy G5x said...

Then, if I may, one suggestion that would make the site perfect for me is an RSS feed facility.

That way I could download and read the individual news bites on my mobile.

I don't know how easy this is to do mind, so, apologies if it's completely unrealistic.

S-T-H said...

That's actually one of the big reasons I did this. There's a link to the feed at the bottom of the page. But here:

Fishboy g5x said...

Thanks for the confirmation.

I did think that was the case, but every time I try to add the feed to my mobile (Sony Ericsson M600i), I get an error.

"Feed could not be added. Invalid Web address".

Guess I'll have to do some digging.

Sorry if it seemed that I hadn't bothered to check the page properly, that's wasn't the case!

Fishboy G5x said...

Hi again,

Ignore the above. I've sorted it.
I didn't understand that atom (the default) was an alternative to rss.

It seems I needed to add
to the end of the feed name to get it working on my RSS browser.

So taking the above into account, the url is:

Happy days! Thanks again for your help. ^^

S-T-H said...

Oh right, sorry. Now that you mention it, I do remember a seperate link for RSS somewhere. Let me see if I can't put it in a better place.