Wednesday, October 31, 2007

AotI: Extra Release Information

ClumsyOrchid has confirmed a few more details after being no less than bombarded by questions after the English AotI release information came out. Allow me to summarize:

- The Xbox 360 version will feature achievements for online mode. It isn't clear yet whether this means that the offline ones will be available for online reception of if Sega will take advantage of the extra 250 points games are allowed with download content, but I'll be sure to keep an eye out for a list of them.

- The Xbox 360 version won't be seeing any offline content other than what is already available. It was also mentioned that the voice acting and new CG cutscenes will not appear in the online mode either (as it does in the PC/PS2 versions). What also is yet to be seen is how much of the AotI patch (i.e. the one we'll receive right before the expansion comes out) will apply offline.

- The Xbox 360 version will have a digital manual hosted by Microsoft. It wasn't said where or when this will be available.

- Madoog/Shadoog are the final names that will appear in the English version.

- Your subscription will permanently be attached to AotI when you first play it. It won't be possible to just play normal PSU after you transfer it over.

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EspioKaos said...

Phew. I'm glad madoog and shadoog are being localized as such. I'd have been pissed if they called madoogs "MAGs" just to make it more like PSO. XD

S-T-H said...

I believe a good point was made that they wouldn't want to call shadoogs 'shags'. I mean it sounds cool, but the UK probably wouldn't be able to contain themselves.

whistler said...

yeah baby, yeah!

Anonymous said...

I can conclusively state that calling a game item a shag would be too much for me to bear! ;)