Thursday, October 25, 2007

AotI: English Version Release Date and Details

Sonic Team has finally posted all the information for our release of the PSU expansion. This information is available at the link below. Here are some bulletpoints:

- Xbox 360 version available worldwide on November 20th on Xbox Live Marketplace. It requires a copy of the original game, but will only cost 1600 Microsoft Points. This equates to 20 US dollars. 1.75 gigs of harddrive space is required.
- PC/PS2 version available in the US on November 20th.
- PC/PS2 version available in Europe on January 25th, 2008.
- The PC/PS2 versions will cost 40 dollars, but will be standalone.

It seems the 360 version won't be seeing Episode 2 offline, at least for now. It's listed as PC/PS2 exclusive.

AotI English Version Details

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