Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Xbox 360: Clumsyorchid on Chatpad Compatibility

Clumsyorchid has responded to concerns about the new chatpad device not working with PSU:

Everyone on our end had figured this would function like a USB keyboard,
and be compatible with PSU in full. This appears to not be the case, and is too
bad. I was looking forward to having more chat opportunity in game, without the
cumbersome keyboard/lap situation.

Since we were never approached by Microsoft for compatibility, we were as
much in the dark as everyone else about how it would function. We will look into
it through Microsoft and Development to see if anything can be done to implement
it and we will post any new developments to our Announcements board. I wouldn't
hold out for a quick fix, or immediate update, but we will be working to see if
it can be added to the game.
So hope is indeed still there. I'll post any updates to the situation. Let's all hope that they can work something out.

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