Sunday, September 16, 2007

Other: Upcoming Events Sidebar

I've added a new section to the sidebar to keep track of some important dates so that event announcements won't be buried before they happen. However, instead of linking to my own posts, I'm going to link to the source directly. This might change for certain things as I see fit.

This is of course manual and not on the RSS feed, so you'll have to come to the site to see it. Things may be added and changed around without notification. But I plan to always have it cover stuff coming up in the next week or two. I'm also going to drop things off the list as they happen (or are cancelled). There won't be a log of past dates, the blog covers that one well enough.

I think I've already said too much about it. I hope this is of use.

In other news, I've had this blog a month so far and I've only been gaining more interest as time goes on. As long as you guys keep coming up with new player events and Sonic Team keeps coming up with new stuff, I think we'll do great.

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