Sunday, September 2, 2007

Other: Photon Fortune Table and Changes

Currently we've been rolling for a little over 2 weeks with an average of almost 2 posts a day. I've gotten some great feedback and have been working towards implementing many of these ideas into the page.

First off, a big thanks goes to an old friend and teammate Sx for writing a Javascript app for updating the current photon fortune based off a certain Japanese webside. I may eventually write one myself (mainly so I can modify the dimensions/colors), but for now that happens to be a perfectly fine one.

Next, as I'm sure you may have noticed, I have extended the dimensions to better fit a horizontal resolution of 1024. This may be upped to 1280 in the future, depending on a couple of factors. But currently I find this suitable for most people. Alot of blogs are quite thin and I know how annoying this can be with a large horizontal resolution.

I've added more links to the 'Useful PSU Sites' section, but I noticed I barely explained them. So here goes:

Official EN PSU Homepage - Find out about official updates/events and browse the official forums.
Official JP PSU Homepage - Our updates are posted here a bit early via the Xbox 360 section.
Official JP AotI Homepage - Official weekly updates concerning the upcoming expansion.
PSUpedia - English PSU wiki. A no nonsense guide with lots of information on the game.
PSO-World - Great item database and other information. The forum community here is rather large.
PSUniverse - Another great source of information
Amesani - A good way of browsing stat information and mission data (including drops).
PSUtopia - PSU based image uploader.
PSU-Wiki JP - A great wealth of information, but by no means English friendly.

One of the major things recently that I've been wanting to add is a calendar of events. I feel like writing reminder posts about events would become redundant, so it would be nice to have a calendar to see exactly when one is coming up. Because of how blogs are, if the event is more than a week away it'll probably drop off the bottom before happening. When I come up with the best solution for this, I'll be sure to make note of it. At the very least, I will make a list of all upcoming events and put it in a list somewhere on the side.

I also encourage comments (which are now open). This isn't a good replacement for the forums, but it's nice to know I'm not alone here. Let me know when you find certain posts useful or not useful or even let me know of what you want to see more and less of. Nothing here is quite set in stone.

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