Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Japan: September 26th Changes

The new shop search is being added. Options are item name, price, rarity, type, or a combination. There is a certain level of text parsing added, so you can practically type a short description into the box and get something relevant back (for example: "S rank ice element saber"). Another neat macro is the '-' operator. You can have a category '-' a certain type/item and get all the results back accordingly. Item name search will apparently only return the exact item that you have typed in (i.e. mate is not good enough for monomate). They have also added a 'board' operator. You can either search for boards or for the actual item, but not at the same time. The last mention is that this search isn't case specific.

Up to 20 support items of one type can be carried instead of the current 10.

Synthesis times are shortened by quite a bit. You can synthesize S rank grinders.

Level cap is being raised from 100 to 110. Type level cap is raised from 10 to 15. Basic jobs don't see a stat increase past 10. PA limit is raised to 40 from 30. AotI players have yellow names. I'm not sure how much of the stat increases also apply to the normal version of PSU, but no specification might mean it isn't exclusive at all.

Sonic Team has said that in the normal version of PSU, you won't see your type level rise above 10 on type level up, but the stats will still add. They claim they are fixing this in a patch.

Other things are some mentions of bugfixes. One is to correct the boards that were being used during the time of the update maintenance/patch, another is to correct the big chat bubbles not forming correctly in busy lobbies, and another synthesis problem where certain items would have a non attribute when the weapon/shield clearly needs a certain element to be made.

9/26 JP Update

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