Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Japan: More Specific Update Changes

There is a plethora of information coming in now that the JP players are finally playing around with the new update. Big numbers are getting bigger (character stats, enemy exp, pa bonuses, etc), more guns and technics are causing knockback, the laser glitch has been 'fixed', lasers are getting se2s, possible racial stat changes, and much more. Alot of this information is being tracked in the thread linked below. The JP wiki is having a ton of stuff dumped onto it and many of our English sites are being updated as info becomes available.

Currently things are moving way too fast for me to consider posting at every corner, so I'm going to wait it out for a bit while some of the information is properly organized and detailed. I'll probably come up with some more bits of interest soon, but if you want it fast and raw visit that link and other threads there. I also included one for a more indepth look at the 'just' additions.

PSOW 9/18 Update Thread
PSOW Just Analysis Thread

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