Friday, September 14, 2007

Japan: Alignment with AotI Changes

Sonic Team has announced that on September 18th they will be taking down the JP servers for nine hours to update PSU with many of the mechanics changes created with the expansion in mind.

First off they mention that the number of servers will increase from 20 to 40. This is probably to accomodate their World 1 and 2 merge. They will also add names to some of the universes to recommend common player locations. Three universes will be given to the colony and each planet as a way to try and get players that commonly play on those to gather there.

If you have been to a distant lobby before, you can now pay a meseta fee to go there again.
The PA cap will be increased, but only for AotI users in their relevant categories.

Higher chance of success and higher elemental attributes.
Better items are retrieved when the synthesis fails.
The aforementioned new grinding system will now be implemented.

Just Attack added. The visual effect will be different in AotI. Knuckles can't use this in version 1.
Just Counter added. The visual effect will be different in AotI.
PP recovery during certain attacks as mentioned before. Different events trigger different amounts.
Elemental damage calculations are adjusted. 50% weapons won't change much, but overall ATP will go up.
The prior change will not destroy your own elemental defense. DFP I think will be better or at least the same.
SUV weapons and nanoblasts will no longer take away your buffs.
Dropped weapons and shields will now have a random elemental attribute. This is sort of like PSO.
More meseta will drop depending on party size.
Depending on the drop setting, meseta distribution will now be more fair. It will be divided up equally.
Photon arts balancing and adjustments
Larger enemies have had their STA lowered. (JP already has this change)
Enemies will give a far greater amount of experience. The trip to 100 should not be nearly as time consuming. (JP already has this change)
Monsters have AI or at least far better of such. Watch your back. (JP already has this change)

When selling a weapon back to an NPC, the sell price will be higher.

There was not a mention of adjustments to collision data. I believe this is probably something you'll have to buy the expansion for to benefit from. A few other topics were not touched on, but I think we can be fairly sure on the rest of the AotI exclusive stuff.

JP PC/PS2 Update Page for September 18th
AotI Compatibility Maintenance and Updates

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